• Courier Service Supervisor
• Logistics Supervisor
• Logistics Executive
• Inventory Executive
• Import/Export Agent
• Freight Coordinators
• Cargo Operations Specialist
• Planners
• Animation
• International Logistics Manager
• Inventory Control Manager
• Logistics Software Manager
• Purchasing Manager
• Warehouse Operations Manager
• Rehabilitation Technologist
• Entrepreneur


A Skills Based Diploma means that 60% of training is practical and 40% is theoretical.
The Diploma takes 3 years to complete. Industrial Training component is included within the 3 years program. This equips our students with work exposure making them highly employable.

TTC guarantees Job Placement for our Graduates.


TTC is the first in Malaysia to open up a Foreign education and employment pathway for technical and skills education.
Any students who pursues to complete the Diploma after their Diploma program is now also able to get an equivalent recognition from Australia. This allows them to further their education overseas and also opens up a new world of employment opportunities.

Diploma in Logistics

Diploma in Logistics (Freight Forwarding)

Freight Forwarding services guarantees that products will get to the proper destination on time and is in good condition no matter what type of cargo. Students in this fast paced industry will learn to negotiate the best way to move international cargo along the route that balances the best speed, cost and reliability. Logistics is an ever evolving industry with endless opportunities.

This course is suitable for students who are go-getters and love to solve problems. Logistic personnel become the link for all stages, from finding raw materials to delivering the finished product, locally and across the world.