Program Penempatan Kerja (RAISE)

The Rural Accelerated Industry Skill for Employment (RAISE) by Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) targets unemployed youth between the age of 16 - 25 years hailing from Selangor rural villages.

Courses offered under this programme are to provide opportunities for rural youths to have an access for skills training and subsequently secure employment at the registered employers upon completion of training.

The objectives of the RAISE programme are;

a) To provide access for rural youths to undergo specific skills training based on the operational requirements of the employer before being absorbed into the job market upon completion of training;

b) To increase supply of skilled workforce to the industry through strategic partnerships with employers in order to support manpower requirements of Economic Corridors; and

c) To reduce unemployment rate, especially among rural youths that will eventually support Government is aspiration in achieving 35 percent of skilled workforce by year 2020.

Upon completion of training, all trainees will be absorbed as employees of the employers as the training offered is to fullfill the manpower needs of the employer.