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Diploma in Precision Engineering

CAD/CAM Design & Manufacture

This diploma focuses on the design aspect of Precision Engineering using high end software such as MasterCam, SolidWorks, and AutoCad. Once a successful design is created, machines such as 3D printers are used to test their usability and precision. Students in this innovative new-age industry will learn to turn great product ideas into practical plans.

This course is suitable for students who are creative and love to work with evolving technologies. CAD/CAM engineers are always high demand due to their versatile skills set which enable them to join any type of growing industry; from designing healthcare equipment to the latest smartphones.

    Diploma in Precision Engineering

    Tool & Die Technology

    This diploma focuses on the manufacturing aspect of Precision Engineering. Engineers use Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machinery to create moulds for upcoming products in various industries. As all products are made up from multiple different moulds, tool & die engineers are the ones responsible for ensuring all the parts fit together to create the completed product.

    This course is suitable for students who enjoy a hands on career. Producing precise moulds requires skill, patience, and accuracy, which make tool & die makers among the most highly paid of all precision engineers.

      – Malaysian citizen
      – Pass 3 SPM subjects
      – Good attendance in school
      – PT3 students are encouraged to apply
      Industry Skill Driven Diplomas TTC
      • CAD/CAM Software Development
      • CAD/CAM Software Maintenance & Trouble Shooting
      • CAD/CAM – Marketing & Sales
      • Digital Gaming and Amusement Systems
      • Entrepreneur
      • Product Designer
      • CAD/CAM Manager
      • CAD/CAM Operator
      • Animation
      • CAD/CAM Hardware Development
      • Robotics
      • Rehabilitation Technologist
      • Entrepreneur
      • Product Designer
      • Tool & Die Maker
      • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Programmer
      • CNC Machinist – Milling & Lathe
      • Cutting Tool Designer
      • Quality Control Manager